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Tips for New players joined this server

Character build planning

Good Traits(Common)
1. Cat's eye ★★★ (See better during night)
- Without electricity world became darker and dangerous to live
Indoors, you will not able to see anything without cat's eye

2. Dextrous ★★★★ (faster Item transfer)
- 90% of content zomboid has related to moving items from container to container
i will save your time a lot, also your live

3. Organized ★★★★★ (30% more capacity)
- bonus capacity to all containers

Good traits(optional)
4. Thick Skinned ★★ (lower chance attack does not inflict wounds)
- if you are bitten, your death will find you soon,
if you have scratches, you have chance to become infected,
thick skinned increase your chance to live when got hit

5. Stout/Strong ★★★
- more capacity to basic inventory = more carry
- amour is quite heavy, you need to be strong to equip good armour and weapon
- Riot/Swat body 5w head 1.5w/2.1w arm/leg 1w boot 1w glove 0.5w = 10weight
- Steel body 10w head 2w arm/leg 2w boot 1.5w glove1w = 18.5weight

6. Athletic ★★
- Run faster can live longer

Good Traits(special)
7. Handy ★★ (carpentary)
- If you want build strong wall, handy will help you

8. Brave ★★ (fighter)
- Panic lowers accuracy is lowering the dam and reloading time

Bad Traits

1. Hemophobic ★★★★★
- Consider this as your free point

2. High Thirst ★★★★
- you have many ways to get fresh water

3. Very Underweight ★★★
- Eat a lot of food can remove this trait easily

4. Weak Stomach ★★★
- Are you going to eat that rotten food?

5. Slow Healer ★★
- Until you have fracture issue consider yourself are dead meat
even you did not got fracture, it will be same as death

6. Smoker ★
- Cigarretes are quite difficult to find in some places(rosewood)
- Easy to find in some places(westpoint)

I will issue trait settings for examples :smirk:
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