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By BlazingR..
How to reserve:

1. Please make sure your reservation name represents your discord username.

2. Please review Rules before the game starts.

3. Use this format to reserve a country: BlazingR - Castille

4. Check through to the end of the thread before assuming a country is open

5. If you miss a session a sub can reserve your country here. If you don't have a sub we will find you one for you.

6. Do not sign up for a major if you can't attend most of a session or unable to maintain speed 3.

7. You can delete your reservation but you may not edit them.
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By Doc Holliday
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@StarkillerTK24 this is a very old post :disappointed: I should have moved this topic to the old games section to avoid confusion. Thanks for joining the forums but Blazing has been doing the country reserves in discord.

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